Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I'm thinking about making half of our garage a little dressing area. I plan on doing it with FREE, THRIFTED, or DIY materials. So here's my 1st project I did this morning since I was BORED. It's a "self portrait" of myself (seems a little vain, huh?). It's just a regular photo I took with my webcam. I then played around with it on PIXLR.COM to change the colors to the color scheme I have for the room. Next, I printed the photo on 9 pages to create a larger picture. I trimmed all the borders off (except the perimeter). I used two foam boards from Dollar Tree and duct taped them together. After that, I used Mod Podge to glue the pieces of photos together to create one unified piece. Like putting together a puzzle. After it's all glued down, I go over the entire photo with the Modge Podge to protect it and also add a little gloss to it. Then let dry. Mine is out on the porch drying as I type. Later, I'll either just paint the foam board, or trim the foam board and frame it. Not sure yet. I'll keep you posted!! :-) xoxo

I'm still unsure of the exact design I'm going for...I'm just going by what I find for FREE or the THRIFT STORE. Here's my list of things I KNOW I want in the room.
1. A Large Tufted Round Ottoman
2. A Vanity or Desk
3. A Dresser/Chest
4. A Rug (I already have an old one I may use)
5. Chandelier 
6. Trays and Baskets 


  1. I love your idesas. This is soo awesome, thaks for the inspiration♡

    1. Thank you so much!!!! I'd love to see your creation when you're done. I literally THRIVE off others tapping into their creative selves! :-)

  2. I actually have decided to create my closet, dressing and bathroom area into a TOTAL ME area!

    I bought a round ottoman (that actually opens and doubles as a storage unit).

    I am going to cut out the drywall to expose the natural brick wall (that some looney covered up).

    I am lining hooks evenly across the ceiling to hand all my purses.

    I want to build a shelving unit for all my shoes.

    I want to find a mannequin that I can drape beautiful clothes on.

    I want to find a vintage cash register.

    My mom took some old picture frames, covered them in some fancy looking material and placed a hard plastic piece with small holes in it where I can hang my earrings.

    I have a LONG WANT LIST I will keep you posted.

    Wish me luck!!!
    Nedra Simone

    1. NOOOOO "WE" are going to do it!! Everything you named is EXACTLY what I want! Having exposed brick has always been a DREAM for me!! Rustic with a bit touch of glam. Let's start planning NOW!

  3. I can never get in touch with you woman! I am I do scared to expose this wall (I'm such a scary cat). I have about six long mirrors that I want to turn into a three way wardrobe mirror, but don't know how. They are unframed...and I don't know the beginning of how to frame them. I want to make my closet and dressing area look like a boutique with open/close sign and everything!

    1. The framing thing and the exposing of the brick...I've never done. But I'm sure my Dad will help us out with that. Other than that, I'M READY!! Let's meet Friday.

    2. Let me know if you still want to stop by today.

  4. I'm ready, just tell me when you're free Friday. All my contact info should be in your Facebook inbox. Have a creative day!

  5. I loooooove this!!! So creative... I'm slowly getting into DIY projects. Still decorating my apartment after 3 months of moving in. Smh