3 large bags of Pom Poms (I purchased from Michael's Arts & Crafts)
Strapless dress                    (I purchased this Bebe dress from the thrift store for $1)
Fabric Glue and/or needle and thread (Available at Michael's, Walmart, or any Fabric store)
Belt (optional)

This is pretty simple. All you do is, glue or sew each pom pom on. If the dress is stretchy, be sure to put it onto a dress form or improvise by putting it onto a chair (as if it was wearing it,lol). My daughter and I spread a layer of glue in 3 inch rows...and placed each pom pom on QUICKLY. The glue dries fairly, MOVE FAST! Once the glue has dried, there's NO TURNING BACK. We didn't place the poms in any particular order, we kind just eyeballed what colors we felt would go where. The dress is still turquoise in the back, so I wanted to sparingly use the turquoise pom poms. We allowed the dress to stay on the form overnight. The next day, I hand stitched  some of the large ones to ensure they wouldn't pop off.  We also made a pompom neck piece to with the leftovers. HOPE YOU TRY IT! If so, let me know how it turns out.

           ALMOST DONE...I wanted to stop here...but my daughter wanted to keep going.