Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Erykah Badu New Face For Givenchy's 2014 Campaign

Tis TRUE! Empress Erykah will be the the up and coming face for Givenchy's 2014 campaign! She's one of the strong women I feel has never gotten the exposure she deserved. Lyrically, Musically, Fashionably, and Spiritually, this woman has blown me away NUMEROUS of times! Although, this is a bit "mainstream" for her, I'm SUPER EXCITED about the journey this project will take her on. Her NATURAL model-esque physique and facial structure has FINALLY been recognized by the sleeping. It's ABOUT DAMN TIME!!
I've ALWAYS known she had a STUNNING exterior. Now, THE WORLD of FASHION will be graced by it. As, Riccardo Tisci, Givenchy's creative director, said, "Erykah, she's an ICON!" I second that emotion! CONGRATULATIONS MS. BADU!!


  1. I totally can't wait to see what she's working with! :-)

    1. Neither can I! The entire collection sounds AMAZING...Erykah's the icing on top!!