Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Beyonce Covers March Issue Of Vogue

I'm sooo excited to get a peep of these photos!! The behind the scene video was mesmerizing. I'm a FOOL for FASHION...and an even BIGGER ONE for Bey! lol I must admit, the cover doesn't even look like Beyonce. Her teeth look funny....STIL GORGEOUS....something's just throwing me off. She's giving me EVERY BIT of Brigitte Bardot! That may have been the inspiration for the cover. HAD TO BE! Anywho, Beyonce SHINES (as usual)...and I've fallen LOOOVE with all the looks! ESPECIALLY, the white fitted gowm, the red, floral ball gown, the lounge/boudoir set, and the peplum top and leggings!! I love them ALL!

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