Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Hi Vixens and Daddies! Yesterday was .99 day at one of my favorite thrift stores here in Decatur. I went into the store looking for vintage jeans...and vintage jeans ONLY! So, OF COURSE when I got there..there were other things that caught my eye. I made a pact with myself that I would only spend $5! lol BUT LOW AND BEHOLD I find a pair of Dolce & Gabbanna velour pants for $5.99! I was SO TEMPTED TO BUY THEM! Luckily, I kept the promise. Here are a few things I purchased. The headpiece

I'm wearing is an original custom made piece by Sunni Rawls of RubySapphire&Jaide. Contact her with your vision...and she'll give it LIFE! I'm SOOO happy with it! I have other RS&J head gear....but this is my ALL TIME FAVORITE! I WANTED TO SLEEP IN IT! lol

Yesterday I had the PLEASURE of having my makeup professionally done by SHALAWN WILLIS' (of Lamik Cosmetics)  protégé JAZMIN REED. I was in AWE with the skillful art they produced. I thought I knew a little about makeup...but they proved me WRONG! These women possess an absolute GIFT! If you need to book personal make-up artists...THESE ARE THE WOMEN TO SEE! Not only were they professional, but they were fun, friendly, and SUPER SWEET! Thank you so much ladies for a BEAUTIFUL EXPERIENCE! I will DEFINITELY be taking a class and purchasing some Lamik Cosmetics soon! :-)

P.S I know you're gonna notice the I had these socks on to keep from turning the heat on.lo My feet are always cold.So, I just tried to work them into the

                 VINTAGE LEVI JEANS (I have something 'diy' in store for these.)

                            VINTAGE KHAKI SHIRTDRESS


                        VINTAGE HIGH-COLLAR JUMPSUIT

                            VINTAGE BOB MACKIE SHIRT

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  1. i love the looks especially the khaki shirtdress