Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Hi everyone. I decided to add photos of what I did with the leftover fur from the long coat I cut in my A Re-Create of Yigal Azrouel's Pre-Fall Collection 2012 Leopard Coat post. I purchased these booties for 9.99. They originally had really cheap grayish black faux fur on them. I ripped the old off and added the leftover cheetah print fur in place of it. I'm still really not feeling the booties. Everytime I look at them I think of that "Apple Bottom jeans boots with the fur" song.....and I HHHHHHATTE that song! I want to replace the fur with something metal. We'll see....Anywho..I THEN, proceeded to create a hand muff. I used to LOVE THESE THINGS! As a child, I had one to match every coat. I think my mom liked playing "dress-up" more than I do now. lol
Well, in the midst of sewing, my needle on my sewing machine broke. That's when I thought about how this Atlanta Winter weather, felt more like a Manhattan's Spring. I probably wouldn't get a chance to wear a hand muff anyway, so I settled for a clutch.
The Hello Kitty cardigan is a story of it's own. I had the HAAAARDEST time trying to find this cardigan from Forever 21's Limited Edition. My daughter wanted this for Christmas (we both love Hello Kitty). Anywho, I searched HIGH and LOW to find this sweater since it was sold out. I found it *exhale*!!! Soooo, fast forward to now...It's on the BRINK of February and my daughter has been voted "Best Dressed" of her class. She asks me to help her put something together and the 1st thing came to mind is this Hello Kitty cardigan that I have NOT seen her wear YET! So, I ask "Where is that HK sweater?" She replied, "I'll get it." So, I stood there as she searched every drawer, and the closet. I think this is where my "mother's intuition" kicked in. I kinda figured she had it stuffed somewhere *translates into 'I HATE IT'* .Anywho, she found it in the VERY bottom of the "NOT WEARING EVER" pile.Sooooo, I CONFISCATED IT! It's now MINE! Although it's a small and I'm busting at the seams in it.....SHE'S NEVER GETTING IT BACK *insert evil laugh*.
So, here are the photos.
Disclaimer: I only put on the coat, shoes, and clutch for a visual. I wouldn't overload on the animal print or fur like that.lol

                                 AN EXAMPLE OF THE MUFF I WANTED TO CREATE

                                                             PURCHASED FOR 9.99

                                 AND THE COAT THAT BIRTHED THEM. :-)

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