Wednesday, January 9, 2013

BEYONCE LANDS GQ COVER and Pens a "thank you" note to The OMG Girlz

It's HERE!! Beyonce's new GQ Cover! It's no secret how much I ADORE this lady! Her body looks AMAZING...but I'm kinda disappointed in how cheap she looks. She looks a LOT like a video vixen. Yeas, I know it's a Men's Magazine...but WHY would she choose to look like this AFTER she became a wife, but most importantly a mother?? Beyonce REALLY doesn't have to do anything like this..I mean REALLY! There are a million and 1 ways to show off her beautiful body without lookin The pose + the boobage+ leopard print drawers= "RATCHET". I guess she's living up to she and Lady Gaga's new up and coming single. Maybe this cover is to help promote the RACHET single. I still love her though! On that note...let me do some crunches! lol


Beyonce congratulates and thanks The OMG Girlz for naming her IG (awwwww...she's soooo SWEET)!

Today dedicate this song to my sister in my head.... BEYONCE! 

(photo credits: Google Images,,; video: Youtube)

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