Thursday, December 6, 2012

TWiSTED TUNES: Tamar Braxton's "Love & War" Debut

      The time has FINALLY ARRIVED! I'm ÜBER EXCITED AND PROUD to announce Tamar Braxton's latest release! *crowd roars* As of RIGHT NOW, (12/6/2012 11:36am EST) Tamar has BLOWN THE ROOF OFF the top 10's on overall iTunes charts and #1 on R&B!!
I've always been a huge fan of The Braxton's (all of them)! They RAN the 90's, in my eyes. Tamar is one that has never fully gotten the recognition she deserved. A TALENTED vocalist with a range OUT OF THE UNIVERSE. Her new single, "Love & War" (written by Lashawn Daniels) PERFECTLY displays it! When I heard a live snippet of this song, on she and her husband's HIT SHOW (Tamar & Vince),I was BLOWN AWAY! It wasn't a surprise. I think I just forgot how AWESOME this songstress' pipes were! Tamar exhibits an emotional deliverance in this ballad. Here's an excerpt of the lyrics (from what I may not be correct, so DON'T QUOTE ME! lol)

Somebody said everyday was gonna be sunny skies
Only Marvin Gaye and lingerie, I guess somebody lied
Started discussing it, to fighting, then don’t touch me please
To let’s stop the madness, come lay with me
Truth be told, I’m waving my flag before it goes bad

Guess we made it this far on for better or worse
I want to feel it even if it hurts
Guess I gotta cry to get to the other side.
We stay on the frontlines, but we’re still here after the ball drops

We go so hard, we lose control
The fire starts, then we explode
When the smoke clears, we dry the tears
Only if love and war

PLEASE, PLEASE visit iTunes to download and help support this artist and give her the credit she DESERVED for so long! 
Listen for yourself , below.  



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