Friday, October 26, 2012

Sip, Shop, Meet, & Greet @ Twelve24 Boutique

   Thursday night I had the PLEASURE of meeting some FABULOUS VIXENS at a Sip-N-Shop event held at this TWISTACIOUS plus-size boutique in the heart of Decatur, Twelve24 Boutique. This is NOT your average plus-size boutique! The pieces they carry are PERFECT! Not too trendy, but just enough. Super classy, but modern. I nearly hyperventilated when this pair of tan and black palazzo pants began calling my name. I was so enamored with them that I totally forgot to snap a pic (slaps wrist...BAD VIXEN!). Everyone looked fashionably gorgeous and each and every piece was TO DIE FOR!
   The event was hosted by one of my FAAAAAAAAAAAVORITE BLOGGERS, Chastity Garner-Valentine. She wore a gorgeous red, polka dot, peplum dress that oooozed glamour, casual, and retro all at the same time. It's pretty hard for ANYTHING to not look super on her. For those who may have been hiding underneath a rock, Chastity is also the author of "The Curvy Girl's Guide To Style". A perfect self-help manual, a la "styling for dummies". If you're a curvy girl and don't already own MUST pick it up!
    I also had the privilege of viewing jewellry pieces by the beautiful and TALENTED, Porchia Coleman of  Divinité Jewellry. She delivers QUALITY pieces at inexpensive prices. As soon as I got home her Etsy shop, HERE ,was the FIRST site I visited! I have my eye on a few pieces that I WILL BE OWNING! All of her pieces are handmade, especially by Porchia! It's AMAZING how creative one mine can be. You'll DEFINITELY make a statement with ANY piece in her collection. Go ahead and stop by her shop and pick up a few keepsakes.
    Lastly, I met designer, La Krisha Baker, of, Lavenders Jungle. Dope name, right?? She exhibited a STUNNING gown that I fell in LUST with! I've never seen a gown so classy, yet SUPER SEXY. I'm kinda bummed because I have a pretty cheesy camera *adds new camera to X-mas list* and my photos are practically an INSULT to her craft. I swear I stood by that gown for nearly an hour! lol This line is definitely HOT, STEAMY, FLIRTY, and TIMELESS! Go over to her site to drool after these scrumptious garments.

                                          Chastity Garner-Valentine
                Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger Parker Simmons
                                                  Message to Parker: I still want that clutch!!

                                                                 Chastity and I

                           Owner of Twelve24, Angela Hargo

                  *No, I'm not sad....I have Bell's Palsy* I tried to smile

 Okay, I'm doing a juicing cleanse...and SEE THIS over against the wall! I tried to turn it down but temptation got the best of me. Thanks Melanie Williams!! lol The Sangria is THEEEE BEST I've ever had! Angela, I'm going to need the recipe from your husband! lol

                                      OWNER OF Divini Jewellry (left)

 The FIERCE and FABULOUS Twelve24 owner, Angela Hargo

Lavenders Jungle Designer/Owner, La Krisha Joseph Baker(right); Angela Hargo (left); and Parker Simmons modeling one of her spectacular designs.

Red gown with lace bodice by Lavenders Jungle
This gown is OUT OF THIS UNIVERSE! I almost didn't add it because it looks 100000% better in person. This photo does NOT do it ANY justice, whatsoever! I have absolutely NO PLACE to wear this gown to, but I WANT IT! No! I NEED IT!


  1. Lady Sonya! How can I ever thank thee??!!! You are simply beautiful and amazing!!!! Your blog is AWESOME and so are your fashions!!! Meeting you yesterday was a pleasure. Everyone at the boutique, Angela & Melanie, La Krisha, Chastity, Parker, Jibri...... gifted and blessed women. I cannot wait till we come together to plan a function. You can't go wrong with stunning women like yourself and all the ladies there!!!! Thank you so much for the posting. I don't know WHAT to say! I know that I am going to facebook to contact you.

  2. Jewellry is spelled jewelry. Have a professional do your site, and check it yourself. You have lovely clothing for the site to be so rudimentary. I bet sales will double. Pictures are horrible. I was exited until I reached your site. Not being mean , just hopefully helpful.