Thursday, September 13, 2012


I have found a hidden GEM in my neighborhood! While out for breakfast this morning with my husband, I noticed a chic little storefront by the name of Fierce & Frugal (or F²). WAIT!! That's ME!! lol Well, they weren't opened when we arrived at the restaurant, but as we left they were just opening the doors! Yaaay, LUCKY ME! I walked in and was greeted with smiles by two lovely ladies. One was the store's owner, Tajanna Mallory. I asked her a little about the store and she told me it's been open for nearly 2 months now. Fierce and Frugal carries STUNNINGLY STYLISH pieces ranging in price from $1 (YES, ONE DOLLAR) to $20! The displays were stocked with all types of jewelry, scarves, wallets, clutches, cosmetics...and that's just name a few. If you're in the Northlake area or in the Atlanta area PERIOD...Stop by to say hello and grab a few nice pieces.You can also browse inventory and JOIN their Facebook fan page HERE!

                           Here are my FAVORITE buys from today's Fierce And Frugal haul!

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