Thursday, January 5, 2012

Return of "THE GOACH"

Okay, so here's the story. My 9 year-old (at the time) daughter and I are in the mall, she begged for this fanny pack (which she thought was Coach). After minutes of trying to convince her that it was in fact a "GOACH"...she insisted on buying it. She later wore it out with her friends. I guess her friends must've told her that it was a "GOACH" and I never saw it again. Fast forward 2 years later. I'm helping my daughter organize her closet...and GUESS WHAT WE FOUND?? You guessed it...the dreaded "GOACH"!! She tosses it in the "donate" pile...and I couldn't BEAR the thought of someone getting a hold of that ugly thing! So before donating it, I went into my handy "Twisted Bin" and picked up a few bottles of acrylic paint and tape. I spray painted the "leather flap first, let dry, then taped it off. Next, I doused and drizzled the bag with paint...let it dry, and VOILA!! It went from "No Ma'am" to "Hot Damn" in minutes! lol


  1. Hey lovely, welcome to the blogosphere . Thanks for stopping by and following us, definitely looking forward to seeing more of your creative side.

  2. Thank you 4-Lexi! I love you ladies' blog and style!

    Thank you so much Kevisha K!!! xoxoxo