Wednesday, January 4, 2012

INTRODUCTION: The Emancipation of The Twisted Vixen

Hello everyone! Welcome to my BLOG! I'm EXCITED to embark on this new journey and delighted to have you join me for the ride. Ever since I was little girl, I've ALWAYS loved fashion, decorating, crafting...almost ANYTHING you can think of regarding those categories (from yard sales to the BLUE LIGHT SPECIALS at Kmart, lol). I've always loved pretty things...and making "not so pretty" things GORGEOUS!  As I got older, I learned that those things cost MONEY! My 1st apartment, I purchased EVERYTHING in it with little no help. Thanks to YARD SALES, THRIFT STORES, and my mom's attic, I furnished the entire apartment for under $500 (including 2 bedrooms)! I then found out that it doesn't take much money to get the look you want to achieve. Here are a few photos of my very 1st apartment in 1997.This is were the "TWISTATION" began!


The Living Room: $200 for everything shown (minus the mom gave it to me from my childhood home..I've ALWAYS loved that mirror!) I used to think the sunbeams surrounding it were PEOPLE! lol


Dining Room : I paid $100 for this set from an estate sale...not the typical dining room set...but I fell in LOVE with it!

The Bedroom: I got this AND the bed (not shown) for $100

Though, this is just the HOME portion of my "TWISTATION", the FASHION part began as early as 9 years old. I LOVED dressing up in my mother's old clothes. I would actually crawl and sift through our dusty (understatement) attic to find them. Once, I found something brightly colored or PINK, I'd take it down, wash it, and sometimes chop them up to make them MY OWN. *LONG SIGH* Gosh, I miss those carefree days!! Stick around for MORE FASHION tips, HOME DECORATING TIPS, BEAUTY TIPS, and any other tips I can come up with! <3

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