Wednesday, October 2, 2013


The INCOMPARABLE Tamar Braxton performed at the Nouveau Casino in Paris, France Sunday evening. Not only was the show SOLD OUT, the crowd was CRUNK, Tamar was CRUNK and her broken vocal chords are a thing of the past!! It was magical how the Paris Tamartians sang along in unison! SHE sounded amazing as she put on a STELLAR show for her Paris Tamartian Friends! Tamar performed songs from her Top 10 R&B album! Love & War, The One, White Candle, Pieces, Hot Sugar, and her newest single, All The Way Home were a few. Not only did she ANNIHILATE her on songs, but she KILLLLED      Rihanna's "Diamonds" (video below)! One of the best covers I've heard EVER! In that moment, SHE OWNED that song! SHE ended the show by gracefully thanking her fans.
2013 is a GREAT year for Tamar Braxton and I'm looking forward to the GREATER things to come for her in 2014!! 

ENJOY!! :-)

Photo Credits (Tamar Braxton's Instagram)
Video Credits (Youtube Olivier Payet)

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