Thursday, October 10, 2013

INSIDE SCOOP: Guess Who'll Be Joining The Cast of VH1's "Hollywood Exes"???

As we ALL await VH1's newest spin-off of  "Hollywood Exes"; the ATLANTA chapter; I got the scoop the other day about a NEW ADDITION! I'll give you a few hints. Her ex is one of THE HOTTEST comedians on the scene right now, he has a HIT tv show similar to Hollywood Exes, and he's like 5 feet tall! Well, he SAYS he's 5'6 but I don't see Did you get it?? YAAAAAY! You got it! Kevin Hart's ex-wife,Torrei Hartwill be joining the cast! VH1 has yet to announce you heard it hear FIRST! From what I've learned she and Kevin have 2 kids, were married 8 years (together 10) and are still good friends.  I think all the women still have amicable relationships with their exes.  From the tight hug Usher and Tameka shared after a court hearing, it seems they've made truce. I recently saw Cee-Lo Green's "The E! True Hollywood Story" (preview below) and when asked about his ex-wife, Christina Johnson, he replied "She's like my GREATEST muse. She's everything I know about love. I hadn't loved anybody else before her. I married my first love." Isn't that BEAUTIFUL?? They're DEFINITELY in an awesome place! The others?? We'll have to watch the show to figure that out.
 So, let's see, we have 
Christina Johnson (Ex-Wife of Cee-Lo Green),Sheree Buchanan (Ex-Wife of Former Falcons player Ray Buchanan)  Tameka Foster Raymond (Ex-Wife of Usher Raymond), Kim Elba (Ex-Wife of Idris Elba), Monica Ambrose (Ex-Wife of Former Falcons player Ashley Ambrose), and Monyetta Shaw (Ex-Fiance of Ne-Yo) and now Torrei Hart!!! 
I think this is great line up! I'm unfamiliar with some of the women, but it seems like everyone will be on their "GROWN WOMAN" and keeping drama to a minimum. Of course, no one can ever FULLY avoid drama, we're all human. But I'm looking forward to the bonds, fun, and FASHION because I KNOW they're going to BRING IT! 

Torrei Hart

Christina Johnson 

Sheree Buchanan

Tameka Foster Raymond

Kim Elba
Monica Ambrose
Monyetta Shaw

(Photo Credits; Instagram)
(Video Credit; E!)


  1. I don't understand why Monyetta is on there she was never a wife and ummm Tameka will bring the drama!

    1. @MahoganyBell I guess that's why they titled the show Hollywood "exes"...and not Hollywood "Ex Wives". Gives them more options. But look at "Basketball WIVES"! NONE of them are wives! lol I don't even know what to call them. Especially, since Draya and Bambi showed As for Tameka, I thought about that. But I don't think she's like that with women or her girlfriends. She seems kinda stable in that department. We'll shall see though.