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Okay, first of all, let me begin by saying, "TOWANDA'S BODY IS NOT PLAYING! IT MEANS SERIOUS BUSINESS!!" Alright, Now that I've gotten that out the way. 
This party was AMAZING! From the decor, entertainment to the 70's. 80's, 90's fashion and the REAL LIFE High School Band, Cheerleaders and steppers! AND THE FOOD??? Oh my GOODNESS *mouth watering*! The theme was inspired by the late 80's movie "School Daze". Everyone dressed as they would've back in the day as teens.

Here are the Highlights according to Twisted Vixen! 

The celebration kicked off with Towanda's GRAND entrance, led by one of Atlanta's most TALENTED schools, and also home of some of Atlanta's well-known artists (i.e TLC and OutKast). I felt so nostalgic  watching the Tri-Cities' band, cheerleaders and dancers! I was a majorette/ dancer in high school. While enjoying the band, I see one of my fellow HS majorettes, Katherine Callahan. She was actually a feature majorette on our squad who twirled more than one batons at a time. She choreographed the girls' moves and they were ON POINT and so in sync!! The band played a few numbers as they marched down the street. When they stopped in front of the crowd, Towanda bursts out revealing the SEXIEST, PRETTIEST birthday ensemble ever (with the face to match)!! It was created by the most skillful designer, Reco Chappel, owner of House of Chappel. I still haven't figured out whether it was a 2 piece or a jumpsuit. Whatever the case, it was HOT!! 
The Braxton Family was there to celebrate Towanda's birthday....All the sisters, Mommy, Daddy and EVEN THEIR BROTHER was in attendance! We hardly ever see him, right?? All of the ladies looked GORGEOUS! I got all excited when I saw Ms. Toni Braxton sporting the same ensemble from her 1993 video, "Another Sad Love Song". The choker, short hair, and EVERYTHING!! This is 20 YEARS AGO PEOPLE!! When is this lady gonna age?? It's really not fair! lol
Chef Ashley provided the food. The grits and shrimp will make you slap YO MAMA! And I'm FOR REAL!! I mean, I wouldn't slap my mom, but it would make me think about it for a halfa second. lol They were soooo good!! The cupcakes were by Piece of Cake (not sure about the specialty cakes)!
I'd like to give a HUGE SHOUT-OUT to Christal Jordan! She and her team had the event on LOCK! She always handle events and clients with ease! I would've been freaking out all over the place!

Anywho.. My top favorite 5 of the night
1. Tamar's husband, Vince ANNND singer/songwriter TC both sang birthday songs to Towanda. I thought that was so BEAUTIFUL!!
2. Tamar....(yep,,,,just explanation )
3. Traci Braxton's humor...She's like funny in REAL LIFE! lol We had great conversation.
4. Towanda's Hubby and Dad taking over the dancefloor! lol
5. My all time favorite is Towanda's outfit!!! GO GIRL DOT COM!!



 I made this large for a reason! "Towanda The Body"

TOLDJA!!! She practically looks the same! MAGICAL!!!! So pwetty!

Traci Braxton is BEAT!!!! She looked GREAT!!

The Diva Herself, Tamar Braxton and her Beaux Vince!
YES, I'm a Tamartian! And what??? lol

I loved the big TU (Towanda University) as well as this guys WHOLE OUTFIT! He did THAT!!


The Boombox DJ Booth! Sooo creative! I think I stared at it for 30 minutes trying to figure out how to DIY one for my daughter's Sweet 16! 

The "Jiggaboos" and the "Wannabes"

LOVED THE FASHION! (Sandy and Reco Chapple)

Mr. Braxton jookin!

Tamar and Towanda
The Birthday Girl and Her Baby Daddy (Husband). They Make A HOT Pair! (photo courtesty of Enchanted PR)

Tamar, Trina and Towanda  BEAT DOWN! Oh ..and Gabe (Trina's Husband)


Singer/SongWriter TC Serenading Towanda With A Birthday Song! The Expression On Her Face Says IT ALL!

Me and Traci ( yeah I know said that wrong..)
Me and Mr. Braxton. This man is soo funny! Reminds me of my Dad!
Me and Tc (Yep, I said it again!) lol

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