Monday, March 5, 2012


That used to be one of my favorite songs by The GoGos. Mondays are ALWAYS a drag for some people. I like dressing FESTIVE and FUN on days like these.I purchased everything from the thrift store of course. However, I just tried finding the coat I'm wearing online. Here it is on EBAY...THE EXACT SAME ONE! They're selling it for $229! It almost makes me want to sell But I'm even MORE excited about it Yesterday, I was at one of my FAVORITE Aunties' house...and she gave me these wedge boots because she said she couldn't walk in them. SHE'S THE BEST!!


Dino Ricco Vintage kid fur jacket $6; Brown Tank $5, Donna Toran Leopard/Cheetah print linen pants $1, (Diba Import  wedge boots (FREE, my Auntie gave them to me LOVE HER!)

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  1. Love this outfit! AND free boots to top it off...Bonus! :) Amanda