Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Betsey Johnson is one of my FAVORITE designers. Mainly because she uses bright colors, feminine fabrics, and FUN, ECLECTIC patterns. So, when I came across an article on GLAMOUR.COM...I HAD TO create this post. Here are a few of Betsey's pieces from a FALL 2012 fashion show. I love all the pieces...I'd just wear them a little differently. Let me know what you think!

 This faux fur pink shaggy coat I really don't like. Don't get me wrong now! I'd WEAR it but I would NOT BUY it! I'm sure it would look decent for a cocktail party, paired with a silk emerald green dress. The pink coat, silver boots, and psychedelic dress is even a little too much for me! It kinda reminds me of the pink monster who played the drums on The Muppet Show.

                           I'd wear it. I actually LOVE this dress. Being that it's FREEZING here in Atlanta...
                        I'd add a soft flowy nude vintage blouse with blouson sleeves and a pussybow tie at
                                                               the neck....A very LARGE bow!

LOVE the color, LOVE the tights, LOVE the cross stitch /corset pattern...
HATE the outfttty look.
I'd wear this...but NEVER as a suit.

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